Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cheap Books, Free Books, 1 Book, 3 Books!

Do you love to read? If you don't own and iPad or some other e-reader, you don't like paying retail, and you just don't feel like going to garage sales or swap meets, you do have another option.

Go to you local Library! Besides having the option of reading books for free, if you don't want to be responsible for returning it on time, you may be able to buy books very inexpensively!

Some libraries have a "Friend of the Library" or some such named organization that raises funds for the library. They sell donated books (soft and hard covers) and sometimes vhs, dvd and records (remember those!). You are very likely to be able to pick up current books at a great affordable price to take with you on vacation or wherever without the fear of returning it late!

Check here to see where your closest public library is! You can even get ebooks for free at the library.

Keep your brain busy and read a book!

Ta ta for money!