Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Forgetfulness!

There is a lot to remember during the Holiday Season! Between juggling work, family, home and shopping is can be difficult to remember all that needs to be done.

Here I blog about savings, good deals and values, and then I forget to take advantage of them! It was late afternoon yesterday when I remembered that I was supposed to visit Starbucks to take advantage of the $19.99 traveler mug with free coffee during January promotion. So on may way home from work I stopped at  5 Starbucks. I already knew after the first stop that it was probably hopeless since they had a sign out saying they were sold out. But I was determined! I programmed my gps to show me all the coffee shops along my way home and tried to pick several that were more remote and might have some left.

My first stop was a Barnes & Noble. There I found out that they were not a regular franchise so they were not participating. Darn! I bypassed several on the corners of busy intersections. I doubted that at 6pm they'd have any left.  My next stop was a very small one in a strip mall, strike 3. Strike 4 at my next stop where I didn't even go in after I saw the "sorry sold out" sign through the front windows! I hate to give up, so one last try. I decided to go to Target where I knew they had an in-store coffee counter. Would they be like B&N?

I hurried to the coffee counter, no one there. I scoured the display and then I saw one. The elusive travel mug with numerical designs. Was this it? I grabbed it, it was $19.99 so that was a good sign. Then I saw the special tag around the mouth of the cup, THIS WAS IT! A girl finally came up front and I asked her if they had any more. She didn't even know anything about the promotion, so there I stood explaining it to her!

So now the big decision, who gets it for Christmas?

Ta ta for now...