Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Try, try Again - Determined to get in shape!

So once again I am determined to get into shape. How many times has it been now since the New Year began? Definitely too many to remember!

My new motivation is that I am going back east for a wedding in mid-September. I haven't seen my relatives in about 10 years and I really want to be at my best. I will be travelling with my mom and 3 sisters. It will definitely be an adventure!

With this new goal in minds, perhaps it will be a little bit easier to not eat after 8 pm, to say no to those tempting candy and sweets and say yes to some form of daily exercise. Yesterday I did some calisthenics and stretching, today I managed the treadmill for 10 minutes and some stretching and tomorrow? well tomorrow I will actually try to take a Ballet 1 class! That should be embarrassing to say the least. With a month until the trip, if I manage to keep at it, perhaps I will be in good walking shape and in good Wedding dancing shape!

Wish me luck!

Ta ta for now...