Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dance Class Week 2!

Today was my second Ballet I class, my first having been last week. I have to admit, the soreness was not completely gone before I put my body through the workout a second time, so tomorrow should be interesting!

This week I wore a no-sleeve, modified turtle neck leotard, teal blue with tiny black polka dots. I don't have many leotards that have survived the test of time! Because I heard that temperatures were supposed to hit 3 digits today, and the dance studio we are in has no air circulation, I decided a long sleeve leo was out.

Once again I sweated buckets. I was completely drenched by the end of the first hour. It's kind of embarrassing when you sweat so much that the only dry spot is the outline of your bra. Yuck! I also decided that a definite drawback to wearing the sleeveless was that there was some visible flab hanging over the top of my bra in the shoulder area. Double Yuck!! Well, the purpose of my blog is to share my experiences of being over 50, and weight gain is definitely one of the drawbacks. :(

I told my husband that I look "solid". Meaning in a polite way that I am no longer the zero-fat-on-the-body 20 year old he married! I do feel in proportion, I just wish that I was a smaller proportion of myself!

Some things were easier today, some things just as hard. In a sick sort of way I am looking forward to next week to see if my muscles are rebounding! I hope that I have the courage to make dance class my new exercise routine. Ballet really tones you up and makes you keep a tight core - and believe me I need something to be tighter!