Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MorningStar Farm Vegetarian Coupon

I now find myself mixing vegetarian groceries into my regular shopping cart since my daughter is vegetarian, my husband is diabetic and my stomach gets easily confused!

The products are fantastic, but can sometimes be pricey, so I wanted to share this $1.00 off of any one package of MorningStar Farms Veggie Food Products coupon. Today I picked up a package of corn dogs and an enchilada dish, of course all vegetarian, to have on hand.  I cannot believe the high quality, and how amazing these foods taste. Sometimes I fix them for my husband and he never even knows! This coupon expires on August 3, 2011, so I will be stocking my freezer for sure!

Also right now, Target is offering a  $1.00 off of the purchase of two MorningStar products coupon!  Click on groceries on the left to sort and scroll a couple of pages until you see it. This coupon expires on August 9, 2011. Such a deal!

Ta ta for now...