Monday, July 4, 2011

If I Had a Motorcycle

IF I had a motorcycle, what would it be like? I don't really ever see myself owning one, and no this is not a midlife crisis! I do however ponder this question when I see people of all ages and backgrounds straddling their steroid induced bicycles.

For security and balancing reason, it would have to be a three-wheeler. Does that still qualify as a motorcycle? It just looks fun to ride on and drive!

Cool and sleek!

Reminds me of a sidecar, nah!

How about a gloried golf cart, hey it has windshields!
 Or is this a tricycle in disguise!

If she can do it, so can I!

I also saw the coolest helmet! It looked like a gladiator helmet with a brush or mohawk right down the center. Now wouldn't I look like a fool or perhaps someone to be reckoned with?

There's some scary stuff out there! I had no idea!

I kind of like the pony tail #!

Look out world!

Ta ta for now...