Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why do I stay up so late?

Grrr... I am definitely a night person! I love to stay up late, usually surfing all over the internet, checking emails, challenging myself at games such as  Bewjelled Blitz or Zuma, then finally going to bed in time to watch the 11 o'clock news. Of course I  can't just lay there and watch the news, I have to have my ipod by my side so that I can play Words with Friends.

I usually have a least 6 or 7 games going and I am not a Scrabble "Cheater"! I prefer to challenge myself and learn from others. I have definitely played with cheaters. I can tell because they take forever to take a turn, then come back with the most unbelievable words I have ever seen! I continue the game because I figure I will learn some cool new words and maybe, just maybe I am playing a vocabulary genius! If I am in a particularly devilish mood, I will use a scrabble solver to be just as ridiculous as they are.

Occasionally I randomly start a game with someone who must be a child, literally. The words presented are usually all 3 letter and there is no strategy used for word placement. I applaud them for trying, but they usually resign when my score is double theirs before the fifth turn. I must mention that one of the main reasons I play Scrabble and words games is because I am terrified of getting Alzheimer's. I want to keep challenging my brain and build brain cells instead of losing them!

Lastly, I love to watch the opening monologues of Jay Leno and David Letterman. Who doesnt' like a little giggle before going to sleep?! Now it is past midnight and I can feel my eyelids laying like heavy blankets over my eyes. I turn off the TV and can't even remember falling asleep. When the alarm goes off at 6 am the next morning I grumble and curse at myself for this torture and for letting myself become the cranky housewife. When even coffee can't wake me up I ask myself yet again, "why do I stay up so late?".

Ta ta for now...