Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's in Your Makeup Bag?

On most days I am either too lazy or too tired to put on makeup. Then later in the day if I catch my image I yell at myself (internally that is) and wonder who that tired, bland woman is. Let me clarify, I am not a heavy makeup wearer, but more a try-to-enhance-what-you-have kind of person. I love to go makeup free so I don't beat up my pores, but as I age I find that there are some things that just need a little extra help! Since most days I can't get up early enough to put makeup on at home, I have taken to carrying a small bag with me with some essentials to spruce up with at work.

I'll open my bag and dump out the contents, here's what I have inside:
  • A tube of Garnier Nutrishioniste "Skin Renew" anti-puff eye roller (good stuff, I have the Olay anti-puff tube at home and believe me it feels good and works).
  • A small travel version of ROC Retinol Correction Eye Cream which claims to visibly reduce wrinkles around the eyes, crow's feet, dark circles and puffiness (bring it on!)
  • A travel container of Elizabeth Arden's ultra restorative ceramide capsules (says it helps strengthen skin's barrier against the visible signs of time-YES! When I run out it will be a huge splurge to replace).
  • A tube of generic concealer to mask dark circles and dark spots on my skin. I also use it before my base to tone down redness in small areas.
  • Currently I am using Covergirl's natureluxe liquid foundation. It goes on smoothly and quickly and has an sps of 10  (I like fast, uncomplicated makeup applications). coupon offer
  • An inexpensive, self contained mineral powder with built in powder puff applicator and mirror (quick, easy and non messy for travel).
  • Clinque #110 precious posy blush, (this was a splurge, but I love the color and it is lasting forever!)
  • A cheap  eyebrow pencil for filling in the outer edges of my eyebrows that seem to be balding away, ughhh!
  • Almay's crayon contour eyeliner pencil for lining my eyes (I love this product).
  • A tube of Rimmel Lash Accelerator, both a mascara and lash treatment (I love how it goes on and separates my lashes and gives them length. They seem fuller). And look Zooey Deschanel is a model on their website, I didn't know that! Cute!!
  • A tiny sample tube of Clinque's high impact mascara that I received for free. (still testing, no impression yet)
  • An inexpensive lip lining pencil.
  • And lastly a small bottle of Advil (never without headache relief!), a comb, a tooth flossing pick in a plastic wrapper (what?), a pearl baby barrette and a tiny suction cup (I have no clue).
I can honestly tell you that most of these makeup items were purchased with a coupon at Target. The specialty creams were purchased during specials at Costco (I'm in big trouble when they run out) and I buy generic whenever possible.

Rimmel and L'Oreal makeup coupons. Scan the personal care section. If you can't find them, enter your own zip code!

It doesn't always have to cost a lot to look nice!

Ta ta for now...