Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Merideth Baxter

I don't normally pay birthday tribute to celebrities, but this morning I saw a picture of Merideth Baxter celebrating 64 and my jaw dropped! She looked amazing. So naturally I assumed it was a current picture. After googling images, I realized that there is no way to know what the age of the picture was that the article chose to run. Wouldn't it be nice if dates were on photos to help the real people out here not have an instant "fail" moment! 

I have no idea what year the left photo was taken, but the next one seems to be more current.  She is a beautiful woman, and has had a wonderful career but a less than  stellar personal life. I adored her on "Family Ties" and she has done a lot of work on TV and in films as both an actress and producer. She has been married twice, has kids, grandkids, suffered through breast cancer and has been living in a gay relationship since 2005. Her life seems to cover it all!  She has a memoir out that was released in 2011 called "Untied". I am sure that it would make for great reading.

So here is a birthday tribute to a wonderful woman over the age of 60! Happy Birthday Meredith!!!

Ta ta for now...