Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Emotionally Are You a Dog or Cat?

I pose to you an interesting question. Comparing personalities as you know them, would you classify yourself as a dog or cat? I know that within each species there are numerous types and personalities, so I will generalize.

To me cats are wildly independent. They always walk to the beat of a different drummer. They don't need humans for much of anything if you think about it. If you don't feed them enough, or even if you do, they will take to their natural instincts of hunting. Sometimes they leave you little presents you would rather not see, a trophy or leftover from their most recent victory. I think they do this mostly to boast of their prowess! Everything is dictated by their needs and time lines. They will ask for affection when THEY want it, they will play most humorously, but only when THEY are in the mood. Being smart creatures, they are masters of manipulation!

Dogs on the other hand are seemingly the exact opposite. They rush to you whenever they see you, usually with tail a'wagging, sometimes their entire lower body doing some kind of crazy wiggle dance. You can ignore them, yell at them (neither of which I recommend by the way) and they will continue to love you unconditionally. They ask, rather demand your attention. They are determined and faithful and so willing to please to gain our attention and affection. They are also most willing to just lie quietly by your feet or side just to be close.

Comparing this to human characteristics, haven't you noticed that there are some people whose personalities fit each category? Some are like cats and  are aloof. You feel like you must work hard to win their attention. Others are like dogs, they are lovable and hard to ignore and they draw you in with warmth and happiness.

I love both dogs and cats. So the parallel that I guess that I am trying to draw here is, that when we deal figuratively with the dogs and cats in our lives, we should not be down on ourselves for other people's reactions towards us. Sometimes it's  their makeup and personality which may make us feel inferior or not worth their time. We are too quick to take the responsibility upon our self for failed relationships or faulty friendships.

So the moral of my story? If you don't like the situation you are in get a new pet!

Ta ta for now...