Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ty Pennington, Will I Meet Him?

This morning I am off to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, to be an audience member for a new auction show called "The Great American Auction". It is being hosted by Ty Pennington, of Extreme Makeover fame. I wonder if I will get to meet him!

A couple of years back I got tickets to see "So You THink You Can Dance" with my daughter. It was from that company that I think I stayed on the email list for audience members. So imagine my surprise when I got an email inviting me to participate today!

Being an empty-nester, I am always on the look out for fun and exciting things to do to fill my weekends or evenings. This certainly fits the bill. The shoot is only 5 hours long, so that is nice. Getting to the Queen Mary this morning might present a problem since this is the weekend of the Long Beach Grand Prix. So just in case I am leaving extra early in case I need to detour. I wouldn't want to get caught up with the formula cars in my Prius!

I will definitely update with how the morning goes!

Ta Ta for now...