Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back on Track With my wii Fit Plus

There are several good things to say about the wii fit plus game, but perhaps the best is that it won't lie to you! I have been off track for weeks now with my exercise schedule, or rather lack of it. When I stepped back on the wii training pad and went through the calculations and weight functions it nicely informed me that it had been 27 days since my last visit. I was kindly scolded and then encouraged to stay on track. It's wonderful to know that I have my own personal trainer in the privacy of my home!

Now to get back into the rhythm of exercising the body and exercising restraint when it comes to snacking. Alas, that is my downfall. It is too easy to grab a snack while watching tv in the evening! My new goal is to not eat after 8pm. Maybe then I can start to lose the thickness in the middle.

Wish me luck as I try to stay healthy and in shape!

Ta Ta for now...