Wednesday, February 9, 2011

12 Painless Ways to Save Money

I am always looking out for ways to save money, so here are a few simple ideas that can possibly put more money in your pocket.

1. Unplug unused appliances. Go room to room in your house and unplug anything that has a display light that you are not currently using. Also switch off power strips to unused items or totally unplug them.
2. Run your appliances after 6:00 pm or before 10:00 am, or whatever your local utility company has set as "non-peak hours". You can go to their websites to find out this information.
3. Learn how to use your sprinkler timers if you have them, and turn them off if there is rain expected. Just don't forget to turn them back on after the rains!
4. Drive the speed limit. It sounds crazy, but how many of us drive faster than the posted speeds? If possible, drive slower, but only if you don't create a traffic hazard, or make motorist around you mad. Coast whenever possible, especially when you see brake lights ahead, or when you are coming to a red light. Avoid fast acceleration from a stop.
5. Recycle for cash if your community has a program. It's good for the environment and you can get a little money back for your plastic and glass with CRV.
6. Make your own coffee at home instead of stopping at a designer coffee shop. You can even buy a bottle of your own favorite syrup flavor at grocery or bulk stores. Add cinnamon, hot chocolate or other baking flavors that you might already have on hand.
7. Brown bag your lunch to work instead of buying it.
8. Shop at thrift stores such as the Goodwill, Salvation Army, shops that sell for charities such as "Luara's House" or women's Shelters or other local venues.
9. Have a "potluck" dinner at your house. You can enjoy a great meal without preparing all the courses, and you might be lucky enough to have wonderful leftovers to eat for another meal!
10. Sign up for loyalty points wherever possible, grocery stores, hotels, airlines, restaurants etc. Even going to vendor websites and registering for email could mean a special free offer or discount coupon.
11. Take advantage of coupons in your local paper or go online to coupon sites and download only items you actually use! I have a list of them in my links section.
12. Use facebook or other social networks and blogs to find out about specials and savings.

I hope you find this helpful!

Ta Ta for now...