Monday, December 6, 2010


I love the rain! There are many reasons. One is that because I live in an area where there isn't usually too much rain it is a pleasant change. I love to hear the gentle patter on the windows or to see the glistening roads with the beautiful reflections of lights. It is a water colour in progress, a living picture!

The smell of the earth when it is damp is also a lovely aroma to the senses. It's as if you can smell the rebirth of nature. When you look up into the sky it is always so clear after it rains. The slate is wiped clean and all of the pollutants have been dragged down back into the soil! If we are lucky enough to have rain, then sun, there is always the chance of seeing one of those elusive, magical rainbows!

On a more practical note, I can turn off my sprinklers and take advantage of Mother Nature's irrigation system!

Ta Ta for now...


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