Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 Days and Counting!

Well, I can hardly believe that in 10 days my daughter will be coming home from her semester abroad in Ireland! I am so incredibly happy that we were able to give her this experience. It sounds as though she has had an incredible time, met wonderful new friends, both Irish and otherwise and has had the opportunity to tour about Eire a bit!  The weather there has been unseasonably cold and currently there is snowfall. Someone I met today, whose mother lived in Dublin, was shocked when I told her there was snow there right now! Unheard of!

I have met some of her new friends via SKYPE and they are all vibrant, talented, funny and engaging. I hope that some day I will have an opportunity to meet them and act as tour guide here. Until then, I will just enjoy the Holiday with my daughter before she finishes up her school semester back in Chi Town!

Ta Ta for now...

My Lovely, almost 21 year old daughter!