Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Next to Normal

Sunday afternoon, my daughter and I endured the rain and light fog to journey up to Los Angeles to see the musical "Next to Normal".  We had previously seen it on Broadway and enjoyed it so much that I thought it would be a nice Mother, Daughter day. Not surprisingly, the traffic was slower but steady which suited me just fine. I was hoping that on a Sunday afternoon it would be light, but I wasn't sure how the rain would affect the drive.

We were there early enough to grab a yummy sandwich  before the show. My error, saying that I would just leave the umbrella in the car in the parking garage. As soon as we stepped out onto the Ahmanson Terrace, the skies opened up and pelted us with moisture!

Alice Ripley starred in the show as she had on Broadway. Although she was the only original from the cast we saw, this was the role for which she won a Tony for Best Actress. The show is so powerful and engaging and it is truly one you should take the opportunity to see. All the cast members have strong and powerful singing voices and they interacted with each other brilliantly to move the plot along.

I loved our mezzanine box seats, and to think I only paid $20.00 each for them through the box office's special Hot Tix offering. I highly recommend this option if you want to see great shows at great prices!

Ta Ta for now...

Great seats to view the 3 level sets!