Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Poor Neglected Toes!

While putting my socks on this morning, I discovered that I have been neglecting those southernmost extremities - my toes!  Perhaps if I was one to have consistent manicures or pedicures I would not have digits that look like the oldest part on my body, wrinkled, dry, sad.  Visits to the salon only happen about once a year, perhaps, and only for what I would consider a very special occasion. I do keep an assortment of polishes that I can use on myself, but jeesh, they're just toes!

So tonight, I will gather up my most most luxurious lotions and oils, lather those things down, put on some thick socks and see if they improve by morning.

Like most things, once we focus on them, we can improve them!

Ta Ta for now...