Sunday, September 26, 2010

Date Night

My husband and I have become quite the homebodies.  It took a niece turning 30 to get us out of the house.  It's not that we don't always have a good time, I think it is just the prospect of getting ready and going there.  We celebrated at Medieval Times, or rather we met there. Once you are there, there really isn't much of a chance of visiting with anyone other than the people on either side of you.  But it was a surprise meeting for her, craftily engineered by her husband.

I informed him of various discounts available such as online through goldstar and print ads from my local newspaper with discount codes. It must have worked because we all paid $30.00 total when the online listing says it's 57.95 plus tax.  What a bargain!  In this economy it is almost crazy to pay list price for anything.  The discounts are there, you just have to look around.  Even their own website advertises a code to use at checkout to save $10.00.

Here are some ways I search for discounts.  Google, Goldstar, newspapers, Automobile Club discounts, venue websites and Costco discounts.  Who doesn't want to get the most for their money?

Ta Ta for now...