Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday Shopping Stress!

This is year seems more stressful than others in regards to shopping. Everywhere you turn you are being bombarded by sales, discounts and pressure to BUY NOW!

I don't know if you are being sucked in. I tried doing a pre-Thanksgiving sale on a household item that seemed like a great price. And guess what, the same vendor marked it down 2 days after it was delivered to me!  So guess what, I bought it again to save $40.00. All the shipping was free, so when the 2nd one comes in, I will take it back to the store with the big bull's eye on it!

Thanksgiving sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday...and my mailbox is full of everyone offering me Cyber Monday prices now, on Sunday!  What is a girl to do?

At some point, I will just stop looking after I get an item that I feel is a pretty good deal. After all, who wants to try returning Christmas gifts during this hectic shopping season anyway?

I hope everyone else is having a less stressful shopping experience.  And remember, if you are shopping online, shop through any portals you belong to, like AAdvantage Shopping or Upromise so that you can earn miles or cash back, use your cash back or points credit card for the purchase, and always, always check RetailmeNot for coupons and discount codes for any vendor!

Ta ta for money!