Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Use Target's Cartwheel app to Save $$ Shopping!

Have you heard of, or are you using Target's "Cartwheel" app?  It's really quite wonderful and easy to use! Whether you are a regular or occasional Target shopper, they offer free wifi there, so you can always open the app in store to see what wonderful things they have on sale.

For the best savings, review the "offers" at home across 14 or more different categories. Then you can load up to 15 offers to use by just clicking on them. It will save them to a section called "My Cartwheel" then when you get ready to checkout, you hit "my barcode" hand your phone to the salesperson, they will scan the bar code and walla, instant savings.

Even better, if you have coupons you can bring them and stack on the savings. Target even has their own coupon page online that you can peruse before you shop. I just enter "coupons" into the search bar to get there quickly.

If you have Target's RED card, there is also an additional 5% savings available!  It's so nice to know that there are vendors out there who really want to make you feel like you can be a smart shopper and save money!

Ta ta for now...save money!