Tuesday, October 21, 2014

HORCRUXES - Dayeanne Hutton Cover from "I SHIP IT"

This is a slight departure from my usual types of posts about being thrifty, but there is a tie-in.  Did you know that there is an amazing world of free entertainment on Youtube? There are webseries, channels with original content, comedies, films, music and instructional videos for everything under the sun!

This post is about Dayeanne Hutton. I think she has done a wonderful job covering the song "Horcruxes" from the short film I Ship It. The film was written by Yulin Kuang and stars Mary Kate Wiles, Sean Persaud and Joey Richter. The original song was written by Kirstyn Hippe. It is performed on the ukulele with vocals.

There are so many wonderful things to see on youtube! I hope that you will enjoy watching this and I hope that you will subscribe to Dayeanne's channel "Brain Soup". I am sure that it will be quite clever and entertaining!

Ta ta for now...save money!