Sunday, December 2, 2012

Shopping Discount Trick?

I just read this shopping suggestion today, so I will pass it along. It is a tip from Time Magazine's Moneyland column. I am going to give it a try for a higher end store where I need to buy a Christmas present, and I have been unable to find a coupon or discount elsewhere. If it works, I will be so excited!

Some online companies will give you discounts or other incentives if you log into their sight, place items in your cart, then literally "abandon" the cart by not buying anything. Leave them there but don't hit the "buy" button. I can do that!

To get you to come back and finish your purchase, some companies will email you with additional codes. You must already be logged in so that they have your email address for this to work. It may only work once, or they may just send you an email reminding you that you haven't completed your order.  It's definitely worth a try if it isn't something you need right a way!

Ta ta for money!