Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Redeeming Mileage for Flights

We all know that the airfare industry has had it's struggles lately, as has the consumer, with the high cost of fuel.  The result has been astronomical flight costs and limited flights.

So far this summer I have managed to use a combination of purchased one way flights with the use of mileage to stretch out my travel and travelling budget.  But as I sit here in Oklahoma City with a 4 hour layover, I am reminded of some of the disadvantages to the system!

In order to use the lowest class of mileage, 12500, with American Airlines my only flight option has been inconvenient and long and I am still not home! I had to leave at 7:40 in the morning from the MidWest, stop in Chicago for a brief layover (less than one hour) then land in Oklahoma City for 4 hours! Imagine my joy upon landing when the captain announced that we were 15 minutes ahead of schedule. So now here I sit, in an airport that I have never been to (it's quite nice) wondering what to do with all this extra time. No free wi-fi, so thank goodness I have my overpriced aircard along. I suppose if I travelled for a living I would invest in Boingo or something.

When I finally do depart I will be landing at LAX at the peak of rush hour where I will have to take a shared van. Hopefully I won't get a tour of Southern California as the van company tries to maximize it's load! (I paid in advance to be eligible for a 10% discount with GoAirport Vans)

I would only have booked this flight as a solo traveller, as I am much more patient than other members of my family. How else would I be able to only travel for the $5.00 it cost me to redeem my miles?!!!

Ta ta for money!