Monday, April 9, 2012

Entertainment Books for Thousands in Savings

The next time you have the opportunity to purchase an Entertainment Book filled with thousands of dollars of money saving coupons, you should try it!

I just purchased one for myself and several as gifts. There are many discounts out there for the 2012 book since we are already 1/3 thru the year. If you are having problems finding a code, try or There are usually several code suggestions there. 

I just used a travel coupon to get $10.00 off  my daughter's flight home for a short visit this summer. I can't wait to try coupons from the food and shopping sections. I now carry the book in my car so that savings are only a backseat away!

Now that I am a member, I will try this book out for 9 more months then determine if it is worth renewing. It is geared towards your geographical location with coupons pertinent to you. I can also see it coming in very handy for when house guests or visitors come to stay. What a great way to save money while on vacation. 

Ta ta for money!