Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Save 10% at Big 5 Sporting Goods

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New subscribers get a 10% off coupon! I have been eyeing a dual trainer machine that can be used as an elliptical or an exercise bike. Unfortunately, the last time they offered this they didn't have one at my local store to look at that was set up, so I was unable to make a decision. This time, I will find a store that has it to make sure that it will work for me! It is currently marked down $50.00 from it's regular price, so I hope to save an additional $15.00 with the  coupon!

That's another savings tip, wait for what you want and then go for it with whatever savings you can find! I am happy to report that I found the item instock and purchased it on sale with the additional 10% off! The only drawback? It had over 150 pieces and it took me one hour and 45 minutes to put it together! When I was done I was too tired to try it out!

Ta ta for money!