Tuesday, August 23, 2011

September Crazies!

August isn't even over yet and already September is turning into a crazy busy month! I am heading to New York mid September for my cousin's daughter's Wedding, I reconnected with a high school friend who wants to meet up for lunch but she leaves for Dubai at the end of September, my elementary school is having a 50 year Anniversary celebration and I would like to be able to visit my daughter at college! All in September!

Well I guess that old saying "when it rains, it pours" certainly can be inserted here! To top that all off, my husband just learned that he needs his hip replaced. He has been dealing with the pain and discomfort for over a year now and has finally resigned himself to the fact that it has to be done. So now I am scrambling to find out all I can about various surgeons so that it can get scheduled as soon as I am back in town. Well almost as soon as I get back, we have a wedding to go to on October 2, so hopefully it can be after that!

So I guess for the rest of the year I will be helping him recover as much as possible. I have heard lots of wonderful progress has been made in this area of surgery, so I hope I can help him put his mind at ease. Facing any kind of surgery is scary to say the least.

All I know is that I want the pain to stop so that he can get back to a healthier weight and healthier lifestyle. I don't want too much do I!.

Ta ta for now...