Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene - My Namesake - OUCH!

Well, my name is IRENE! I have never heard my name spoken so much. In the news, on the radio and in daily conversations. I have always regarded it as an old name, not one heard too often and now I can't escape it!

I am glad to hear that it has been downgraded to a tropical storm. The news reports show flooding and wind damage and there has been some loss of life, so I would like to apologize and send my sympathies for my namesake.

I will be watching like everyone else to see how quickly states and cities can recover from the damages. I have a friend who is on Nantucket right now. I am assuming that she went there with her husband for her birthday - what a birthday present!

The most ironic thing? My cousin in Ohio is named Katrina! Now we both have hurricanes named after us, but I think she was bigger and more dangerous. She called me as this storm was brewing in size and berated me for trying to upstage her (just kidding) But it did make for some giggles and puns.

Well, hurricane, tropical storm, windstorm, rain or whatever, I hope everyone stays safe.

Ta ta for now...