Friday, August 19, 2011

From Couponing to Sweepstakes!

I suppose it's a natural progression, but I have now graduated or rather added Sweepstakes entering to my couponing.  I do both because it's fun, it ads value to my purchases, and there is always the hope that I will win "the big one"!

I am not like the people I saw recently on a tv expose who spend up to 8 hours a day entering contests. Yes, they win a lot of stuff, but I do have a job that keeps me busy. Rather I would say that I do both casually.  I enter contests through face book and I have just started entering whenever I see an offer on one of my store receipts. I just recently learned that when you see contests offered in the newspaper and it says "no purchase necessary" it is fairly simple to enter.  I have not entered any that require mailing in your name on a 4x5 card, just those that have online entries.

I don't have many under my belt yet, but I did just recently win OLAY products from the Olay "Like Mom, Like Daughter" contest. That was a nice surprise. I did not take the grand prize, but lets face it, winning product is awesome, especially if it is something you already use!

The hard contests on facebook are those where the rules say you can only enter once. I have a hard time remembering if I already entered. Then there are the contests that say you can enter every day. To remind me I place a sticky  note on my computer to enter every day.

As long as I am having fun, I will continue to see how lucky I can get!

Ta ta for now...