Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Loyalty Cards and Rewards

What is the truth behind loyalty cards and rewards? Through my own experiences and now verified by a segment on the Today Show, they pay off! In exchange for a little bit of information that the retailers ask of you, they track spending habits and can now customize coupons, incentives and discounts towards your personal shopping habits. This is a small trade off against the potential savings.

Never pay retail! That seems to be the credo. Only carry loyalty cards for places you actually shop, and don't buy something you don't need just because they have offered you a discount for it! If you lose your card, most places can access your account number by your telephone # or email address. Another great tip that I also follow is creating a secondary email account specifically for online and loyalty accounts. That way you won't be overwhelmed in your regular email account. Most sites also have options for what kinds and how much email you receive. If it is still too much you can always unsubscribe.

So here's to happy shopping and happy savings!

Ta Ta for now...