Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chocolate Peeps!

I think that I am in love...with PEEPS that is! Just when I thought nothing could be better than those delightful, yellow, chewy, sugary candies, I see a coupon for Peeps dipped in chocolate. I am so there! If you are a facebook fan you can enter a contest to win a $100.00 gift card to Peeps and $50.00 in free candy.

I love this Holiday because of all of the wonderful marshmallowy treats that start appearing in the grocery store. They make them for a lot of other holidays, but the chicks are still my very favorite. That is until I actually try the chocolate ones!

And my favorite way to eat them is stale! I know that sounds very odd, but when I get some peeps I like to slit the wrapping so that air will get to them. I do my best to not eat them before they are stiff and stale because I love the chewing goodness.  However I don't think that staleness will work with the new chocolate dipped ones!

Here's to marshmallows and chocolate!

Ta Ta for now...