Friday, December 17, 2010

Early but Late!

Well I got my Early Christmas present late! My daughter was supposed to arrive at 3:00 pm on Wednesday, but didn't finally emerge into the arrival terminal until 8:45 pm. Another flying adventure that was a nail-biting, tense, anxiety filled trip for her. 

She arrived for her first departure flight on time. But for some unknown reason (I think it was heavy fog in London) it was delayed 40 minutes which started the dominoes falling. Because of the delay she missed her connection in Heathrow which just happened to be the last direct flight into Los Angeles. She joined the crowd of upset travelers to place her fate in the hands of rescheduling. They booked her through San Francisco. She has always wanted to visit there, but definitely not under these circumstances. The challenge was that now she had to collect her baggage and go through customs there, check back in and make her next flight in about an hour and 1/2. I am so proud of her. She managed everything that was thrown at her with just the smallest amount of cursing, sniffling and anger by texting it all to me!

All in all, it is wonderful to have her home. I just hope that she will schedule time for her old mom and dad in between the busy social life of a college student catching up on life back home!

Ta Ta for now...