Sunday, October 24, 2010

Josh Groban Hear I Come!

Josh Groban sings like an angel! I am excited to have been lucky enough to buy two tickets to his pre-tour concert in Palm Desert on November 6. As a friend on facebook, and FOJG fan I received notices that the tickets were going on sale.  He described this concert as inviting us to be in his living room to hear and see how he puts his tour music together. Perhaps just sitting at the piano and playing and singing to see what suits him - a Groban jam.  I can't wait. Plus the ticket price includes his new cd "Illuminations" mailed to me when it is released!

Because I am not a paid up fan member, I did not have access to the "secret code" that was necessary to buy the tickets on Thursday night.  So Friday morning I planted myself down in front of the computer and tried my luck at beat the clock.  He is also playing in San Diego on November 7th, but I noticed that Ticketmaster was handling the sales so I figured I would increase my odds by trying for the McCallum Theater instead. They were using their own ticketing system and I actually started submitting before the 10:00 am start time. I kept requesting two and it said that there weren't any, but did I take no for an answer? NO! I just kept on submitting and then there were the words I wanted to see, 2 tickets in the balcony. I would have loved to have been closer, but I am just thankful for the two I got.

Since my sister's birthday is mid-November I thought that this would make a perfect gift. I booked a hotel, have my driving partner and will see what else we can squeeze in to make it a great sister day.  Of course I have also made some people very unhappy, like my daughter who is a HUGE fan (but who also is abroad at school for the semester) and my two other sisters, and probably my mom, and probably ....

Ta Ta for now..