Saturday, September 11, 2010

Getting Started

Well, I have never blogged before! I don't twitter, I've tried some online social media sites, I know how to email, instant message and use a cell phone, so what the heck, now I'll blog.

My daughter has a blog, and apparently so does my sister. So I thought, what could I write about that might be interesting to other people?  I turned 53 in August, so perhaps my experiences in aging?  Or rather my attempts at preventing aging, or prolonging youthfulness? That is an ongoing project, so yes that subject will stay.

I love a bargain, even though I do not like to shop (odd pairing don't you think?).  It is more of the challenge of finding the things I really want at the best price possible that is intriguing. Perhaps that falls into the "hunter vs gatherer" category.  And of course that will be an ongoing lesson for me.  I am more than happy to share what small tidbits of knowledge I have accumulated with my new unknown audience as well as welcoming any new info.

This writing experiment will also force me to be honest about myself and my goals as I move into "old age". Since American Women now live to an average age of 79.5, I am no longer considered middle aged because that would have been when I was 40.  So what is 53?  What comes after middle age? Am I just in mid-life?  that limbo between being old enough and death! Is this blog my mid-life crisis?  Well I certainly don't feel like my life is in crisis, so I will enjoy each day and find the best ways to cope with the new and interesting things that life presents me with.

Ta Ta for now...